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God is My Light (pack of 100)

Price: $5.00
Item Number: BM13
Despite life’s challenges, God can see you through. Even despite natural disasters like hurricane Sandy this year, which wreaked havoc in the lives of many in New York , New Jersey and on the East coast, God is still your light. He is your hope even if you feel that you are surrounded by darkness. He is your strength and inspiration, even when sadness or fear clouds your judgment, making it difficult to see a path back to hope. Let our new Christopher bookmark, “God is My Light,” help you, and those you care about, to remember that no challenge, loss or natural disaster can take away God’s power to see you through it all. He can give you the strength, guidance and help from seemingly out of nowhere. With God, all good things are possible, and there’s a bright new future filled with hope. May this prayer help you to remember that God is always your source and your light. God is My Light - Now Avaiable!