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2016 Three Minutes a Day - Volume 50

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Item Number: B50
The Christophers’ annual “Three Minutes a Day” book, which is filled with stories and reflections for each day of the year, is more than an ideal source of Christian inspiration for you and your loved ones; it’s got a record of motivating people to change the world for the better.

For instance, earlier this year, we received a letter from J.F. DeLuca, who’s been reading “Three Minutes a Day” for 40 years. He wrote, “Forty years ago, the conditions in the neighborhood where I live in the North End of Providence, Rhode Island, were deplorable…Youth were dropping out of school, storefronts were boarded up, senior citizens had no programs or activities available to them. People were saying, ‘Someone should do something.’ I then remembered the words of The Christophers: It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. I realized I might be that ‘someone.’…I gathered four people to form a non-profit, which we named the DaVinci Center for Community Progress. We now serve more than 5,000 people with social services including adult education, daily meals for senior citizens, youth programs, etc. I received my initial inspiration from ‘Three Minutes a Day’ and I continue to get some great ideas for new programs from your publication. Keep up the great work. Who knows where the daily seeds you sow will take root?”